Affordable Organic Foods Buying Tips

Organic foods are made in ways that avoid the use of pesticides and fertilizers. This makes these foods significantly safer for human consumption. However, finding affordable organic foods is not always easy. To help you with this aspect of green living, our team at PaydayLoansCashAdvance has put together a few tips for your consideration.

Understanding Why It Can Be Hard to Find Affordable Organic Foods

It is easier to spray herbicides on plants than it is to weed them by hand. Similarly, it is also easier to use pesticides than it is to use natural methods to control the bugs that want to eat most crops. Those facts make the production of organic foods more expensive than the production of most conventional foods.

In addition, the lack of fertilizer on organic foods also has an effect on their yield. Conventional crops may have 20% more yield than organic crops. All of these factors conspire together, and ultimately, it means that the cost of organic food is often twice the cost of conventional fare. Understanding this fact makes it easier to realize why spending this extra money is so important if you are interested in living green.

Affordable Organic Foods Can Be Found Online

Your first stop when searching for organic options should be your computer. A few internet searches should reveal a lot of options in your area. There are a variety of places that offer organic foods, and many of these options may be a lot cheaper than just hitting the organic section at your regular grocery store.

Most cities and reasonably sized towns have farmers markets. There, you can buy all kinds of local organic produce directly from the farmer who grew it. In addition to fruits and veggies, you may also find things like artisan cheeses and homemade honey at a farmer’s market. Some farmers even offer consumers the chance to visit their farm and buy their goods for a relatively cheap price.

Wholesale grocery stores are also an important resource to explore when looking for affordable organic foods. These stores often have large organic sections where you can buy your favorite organic foods at bulk prices. After purchasing a membership, you may be able to find bags of organic produce that cost even less than the conventional produce at the grocery store.

If you cannot consume what you have purchased in bulk, you may want to start a buying co-op. A buying co-op is where a group of people who are interested in living green get together to make their money work harder. When everyone chips in for organic food, you can enjoy bulk prices without having to worry about whether or not your family can eat everything that you buy.

The Power of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Many organic farmers reach out to their communities through a CSA or community supported agriculture program. Through these programs, consumers have the chance to basically buy stock in a farm. A yearly fee often buys you the opportunity to get a box of produce each week that the farm is harvesting. During the summer months, you may receive a huge box of affordable organic foods that includes things like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. In the early spring and late fall, you may receive a selection of hearty vegetables that can be harvested during those times.

If you cannot afford the price of your local CSA programs, you may want to talk to them about bartering. Some CSA programs offer their clients the chance to receive free fruits or vegetables in exchange for some work on the farm. They may also offer educational programs where your children or interested adult family members can spend time on the farm learning about farming and green living.

Start Your Own Garden

Organic gardening is a simple way to get affordable organic foods. If you have room for a plot, you can start your own garden. Some consumers are even uprooting their front yards as part of the ‘grow food not grass’ movement. However, even if you do not have a lot of room, there are still options.

If you have a patio, you can grow organic fruits or vegetables in buckets or hanging from hooks. If you want to get started in the winter, you may try growing greens in containers inside. Many cities even offer community plots where you can register to have a free plot where you can grow whatever you like.

A community plot is a great chance to get to know other like-minded people as you explore your interest in living green. If you have a supportive green living community, you even want to start a growing co-op. In a co-op, each person grows a different plant, and at the end of the growing season, you get together and trade the fruits (and vegetables) of your efforts.

Green Living is an Investment In your Health

The cost of green living should always be looked at as an investment into your future. By living green, you will help the planet and you will boost your own health and life expectancy. However, regardless of whether or not you see green living as an investment, it can be hard to afford. We hope that these tips help you to buy affordable organic foods so that you and your family can live a longer healthier life.

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