Make Your Apartment Eco-Friendly

When you rent an apartment, you don’t have the same opportunities to pursue green living that a home owner has. However, there are still changes that you can make so that your apartment is eco-friendly.

Our team at PaydayLoansCashAdvance has done some research for you on living green, and we hope that these tips can help you in your quest to live ‘greener’.

Keeping the Elements Out Saves Money and Energy

A simple eco-friendly move is to keep the heat outside in the summer and the cold outside in the winter. Although you cannot replace all of your windows like a homeowner can, you can easily make little changes that will make big differences to both your wallet and the planet.

During the winter, you should put window stripping on all of your windows and doors. A few sheets of plastic glaze will keep your heat inside where it belongs and thus lower your heating bills. Drafts can be prevented from coming in through the bottom of the door by using a draft blocker. These can be bought commercially, or you can easily make one by rolling up a towel and placing it at the foot of your exterior door. Insulated window curtains can also help to eliminate heat from escaping from your home.

In the summer, you should try to block out as much sunlight as possible. If you keep the sun out, you can also keep the temperatures low in your apartment and avoid using the air conditioner as much. A combination of fans and shaded windows can drastically eliminate how much money and energy you waste on your cooling bills.

Regardless of the season, a programmable thermostat is an invaluable part of living green. These thermostats can be controlled so that your heat is lowered when you are sleeping or at work. Similarly, they can also treat your air conditioning in the same way. If your apartment does not come with a programmable thermostat, you may want to discuss having your landlord purchase one for you. If your landlord is not willing to help you be more eco-friendly, it may be worth it to just buy one on your own. The initial investment will pay for itself through the money that you save on your energy bills.

Research the Options Provided By your Electricity Supplier

Due to the massive consumer interest in eco-friendly choices, many electrical providers are offering green power options to their clients. Your electrical supplier may be able to offer you wind generated electricity or other options that can help you in living green. In some cases, these options may cost more, but they are worth it.

Buy Fluorescent Bulbs

It costs a bit more at first, but in the long run, switching from incandescent or old fashioned light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs will save you money and energy. These bulbs use significantly less energy than their conventional counterparts, and they last much longer. In most cases, these bulbs will still be burning when you are ready to move out of your apartment.

Reduce the Use of Lights and Appliances

It sounds small, but turning off the lights when you leave a room can make a big difference in living green. It also pays to shut down big appliances when they are not in use. Electronics like TVs and computers tend to use energy even when they are turned off. The best way to deal with this from a green living perspective is to plug these items into a power strip. Ideally, when you are not going to be using these items for a while, you should switch off the entire power strip. If you do this before going to work and before going to bed, you will save a considerable amount of energy, and you will probably even notice a difference in your monthly bill.

Additionally, you can make small choices about which appliances you use. For instance, heating something in the microwave uses less energy than heating it on the stove or in the oven. Using a fan uses less energy than the air conditioner.

Making Smart Laundry Choices

Most of us use a huge amount of energy just so that we have clean clothes. Luckily, there are also ways to reduce this energy usage even if you live in an apartment. If you have to supply your own washer and dryer, you should try to purchase an eco-friendly set. If the set that your landlord has supplied for you is old and uses a lot of energy, you should approach them about purchasing an eco-friendly pair. They may even be able to get a tax credit by taking this particular green living step.

Regardless of the machines that you use, you can make chooses to use them in energy efficient ways. By washing your clothes with cold water rather than hot, you save a lot of energy. It is also important to note that hanging your clothes to dry on a line in your bedroom or living room uses no energy while drying them in the dryer uses a lot of energy. You can make this switch easily, and if your apartment has a yard, you may even be able to set up a clothes line out there.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that you can make green living changes regardless of where you live and regardless of whether you own or rent your home. We hope that these ideas help you to get started, and we look forward to the impact that your green living choices will have on the planet that we all share.

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