Auto Purchases and Loans

One of the ways to be sure your spending your money in smart ways is by making the most of auto purchases and loans. To that end, we here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance have put together these helpful ideas to help you along the tricky road of auto purchases and loans. However, buying and financing that purchase aren’t all that’s important. Being able to get the most of your fuel, the right insurance and even simple repairs are things we feel is important for you to know.

Check out these helpful tips:

Auto Warranty Scams – What You Need to Know

If you are buying a new vehicle, it often makes sense to buy an extended warranty. Most warranties only cover the vehicle for the first three years or the first 36,000 miles. An extended warranty helps you to avoid the financial stress of issues that occur outside of that limited window. However, it can be difficult to distinguish a good warranty from an auto warranty scam. To help you tell the difference, our team has compiled a few tips for your perusal. Read More

Best Deals When Leasing

If you have your eye on a sweet ride that you think is out of your price range, you may want to look into auto leasing as an alternative to a traditional car loan. Leasing instead of buying can get you into the car of your dreams at a much lower monthly payment than you probably thought was possible for the vehicle. Vehicle leasing seems to be one of those things that lots of people have heard about but do not actually know how it works. Read More

Buy a Car – Not a Lemon

When you buy a new used car, you don’t want to get a lemon — you want a vehicle that runs good enough so that you don’t need repairs other than regular maintenance. After all, you are buying a used car because you are trying to save money on your car expense. We have put a list together to help you avoid a bad car purchase. Read More

Buying a Car Online

Thanks to the internet, you are no longer at the mercy of car dealerships or random sellers who can afford to advertise in the paper when looking for a used car. There are a number of different websites that allow private parties and dealers alike to advertise their vehicles to people who are interested in making an online car purchase from anywhere in the country. Read More

Car Trouble – Get a Second Opinion

Nothing takes you out of your comfort zone more quickly than car trouble. When you take the car to a mechanic, you want to believe that they’re going to make everything better, that what they’re telling you is the truth and that they going to fix only what needs to be fixed and charge you the best possible price for it. The sad fact is that this is not always the case. This is not to say that all mechanics are charlatans and con men, but some are, and even among reputable mechanics, the difference in what they charge can be significant. Read More

Changing a Flat Tire – What You Need to Know

A flat tire seems to be one of those things that always happen at the most inconvenient times, like when it’s raining or you’re late or you’re outside of cell-phone reception range and you can’t call AAA. But the truth is most motorists would be at a loss if they had to change flat tire on their own. We want you to be prepared for flat tire changing so we’ve found the safest and best advice on the topic. Read More

Improving your Gas Mileage

When it comes to your budget, there are a few things that you can change and a few things that you cannot. One thing that you do have control over is how much money you spend every month on gas. Of course, there are the obvious fixes, like getting a different car or driving less, but those are not always options. Whether you drive a pick-up truck or a compact car, there are things you can do to improve gas mileage. Even though you can’t control the base fuel efficiency of your car, there are some things you can control. Read More

Save Money and Ride a Scooter

We know that you want to save money. That’s why we’ve assembled this information for you on the best ways to save money while riding a scooter to work, school, or other activities. A scooter is the perfect vehicle for transportation savings, since it’s fuel efficient, easy and cheap to repair, easy to park, easy to use and will even have storage space for you to use after heading to the grocery store. From lower insurance costs to saving money on gasoline, a scooter is the ideal transportation savings companion. Read More

Ten Cars that are Budget Friendly

Before you purchase a vehicle, you need to check more than the price. The buying price may fit into your budget, but you will need to take other things into consideration, including repair costs, maintenance costs and insurance. You might find a great deal on a used Mercedes, but it’s not one of the most budget friendly cars. We have put together a list of 10 budget friendly cars to help you buy your next vehicle. Read More

The Right Auto Insurance for You

It’s important that you take the time, each year, and look over your auto insurance policy. Some of you will think that you are paying too much or you may wonder if you have the right kind of coverage for your driving situation. In order to know what kind of auto insurance you need to have there are a few things that you will need to think through. Read More

Tips for Buying a New Car

There are few purchases in life more exciting than that of buying a new car. The smell of the interior, the luster of the exterior, and just the satisfaction of knowing that you are the first owner of this gorgeous hunk of metal are all extremely tantalizing. However, buying new car can also be very stressful. You are going to be stuck with the car you choose for a while if you don’t want to lose money, so it is important that you take the time to select a car that is everything you want it to be. Read More

Tracking Your Gas Mileage Tips

Deciding to track gas consumption for your vehicle can give the environment and your budget a much needed break. We’ve compiled all the information you need on tracking your gas mileage for maximum financial savings. Gas mileage efficiency varies from one vehicle to the next and can even be different in the same automobile from one model year to the next. Fuel consumption can even vary greatly between two people who have identical vehicles just based on the differing ways that each person drives the automobile. Read More

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