Avoiding Travel Credit Card Problems

When traveling on an expensive vacation meant to help you get away from the daily grind of life, the last thing you want to deal with are financial problems—specifically credit card problems that will keep you from using your card whenever you feel like it. Identity theft is rampant these days and credit cards are the primary target, making it difficult on credit card companies and their customers alike when they head out on vacation.

PaydayLoansCashAdvance knows how disruptive it can be to have credit card problems when you are on vacation, which is why we are offering a series of traveling credit card tips, listed below. By following these, the only thing you will have to concentrate on during your vacation will be relaxing.

Call Your Credit Card Company

Before you head out on your vacation, call your credit card company and let them know where you are going and what you will be doing. This will give their fraud protection services a heads up so that they don’t think an identity thief is using the card when it’s actually you, in Morocco, on vacation.

If you don’t, the fraud protection services of many cards will simply shut it down, leaving you stranded without an ability to pay for anything. Some credit cards can’t be reactivated once they have been shut down, causing even bigger credit card problems. So just be sure to take a few minutes to call your card company and give them an idea of where you are going.

Know Where the Cards Work

When you call your credit card company to clue them in as to where you will be taking your vacation, it’s also probably a good idea to make sure their cards work in these locations. Most first world countries take Visa or MasterCard and many take American Express, but some more remote places do not, foiling your plan to pay for everything with cash.

The credit card company will know most of these locations, as will the place you are staying while you are there, assuming it is a hotel. The more research you do beforehand as to where you can use your credit card, the less of a chance you will end up in a situation where you can’t pay for anything with the piece of plastic.

Bring Back Up

Bringing another credit card is a great idea wherever you travel on vacation, so that you always have another card that you can use if absolutely necessary. One of your credit cards could be stolen or could not be accepted at the majority of locations where you are vacationing or could be maxed out. Having this back-up card will save you in a pinch in these situations, though you should only use this card in emergencies. Otherwise it should stay hidden away in one of your bags so that no one can find it.

Use at Legitimate Locations

This is one of the most important traveling credit card tips when it comes to protecting against identity theft. Beware the places you use your credit card when on vacation, as this is where credit card and identity theft happens. Don’t give out your credit card number to anyone in person or on the phone and use good judgment when giving someone your card to swipe. Does this look like a legitimate establishment or a shady bodega that will steal the card’s information? If you have any hesitancy about what might happen with your information at a specific place, then you should pay for everything in cash.

Know Your Perks

Many of the credit cards you use on a regular basis have a number of spending perks that you may not know about. The more you know about these and how they work, the better you can strategize about where you spend and how much you spend on each of your cards while on vacation. Get as much of this information as possible from your credit card company before you travel, so you can maximize your rewards. In some cases, you will be purchasing certain items and services for free through your credit card rewards program. Who doesn’t love that while on vacation?

Have Access to Cash

At the end of the day, cash is still king wherever you vacation, so make sure that you always have access to it or have the ability to get it without much difficulty. Always having some amount of cash on you will help you in the situations when credit cards are not accepted, like when dealing with a taxi, a guide or a service in a rural area that you are exploring.

Watch Exchange Rates

Exchange rates in foreign countries change on a regular basis and without warning, so you may end up in a situation where you think you are spending a certain amount of money but due to a higher exchange rate, you are spending a lot more. This can lead to you maxing out your credit card and possibly causing it to be shut down. If this occurs, you could be stranded somewhere without any way to pay for anything. So if you’re close to maxing out a card, keep an eye on the exchange rates and how much you are spending.

By following these simple tips you can enjoy your vacation and avoid some credit card problems during your travels. PaydayLoanCashAdvance.com wishes you happy travels.

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