Budgeting Your Money

You work hard for the money you earn, so why not let your money work hard for you. With a carefully created budget plan, you can have both the security and the knowledge that you’re establishing yourself as a financially stable person. We’ve compiled some interesting information on creating and working within a budget. In reading pages within this section you can begin to design and work within your budgeting plan.

Adding Direct Deposit to Your Checking Account

Direct deposit is a simple matter of asking your employer or employers to deposit paychecks directly into your account rather than handing you or mailing you a paper copy on payday. By giving them a voided check, you tell them which bank account to deposit your money into every payday. Read more

Analyzing Your Credit Score

A good credit rating is one of the most valuable things anyone can have. Unfortunately, due to the hard economic times of the past few years, many people’s credit has suffered, often due to circumstances beyond their control. If this sounds like you, then one of the first steps to improving your rating is to know how to read your credit score. Read more

Choosing a Bank

It is so important that you take the time to find the best bank for your needs. Everyone has different banking needs, so no bank will be the best for everyone. That is why it is up to you to do the work to make sure that you get to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. Here are the steps to follow when choosing a bank. Read more

Dating on a Budget

You don’t need a fancy car and even fancier plans to impress your date; you can do so on the smallest budget with a bit of creativity. “Dating on a budget” might seem like a phrase that automatically dictates boring and chintzy activities, but the opposite can be true. Read more

Eat Well, Dine Out While on a Budget

After working all day many people are just too tired to cook. You want to have a hot meal and you don’t want to make it yourself or clean up. If you are on a budget though you may think that you cannot do this. The good news is that you can go out to eat. Read more

Envelope Budgeting – The Basics

We live in a world of plastic. Card swiping is the norm, whether you are going to the grocery store or stopping to pay the electric bill. The problem with living a debit card lifestyle is management. It is easy to lose track of your cash when it is a virtual entity. There are real benefits to counting out those dollars each time you spend. An envelope budgeting system makes the process visual. Read more

Fashionable and On a Budget

Whether you need clothes for the office, an evening out with friends or a date with your significant other, fashion will always play a role in looking and feeling great. The problem arises when you have a strict budget that can seem limiting. By learning a few tricks to maintain your budgeting goals, it is easy to make a lasting impression. Read more

Find Financial Advice on the Internet

A little online financial advice can provide that lifeboat you so desperately need. In fact, you can get some solid financial planning advice from online advisers. With a little online help, you can become a pro at things like knowing when you should buy some new stock or how to best manage your money with a good family budget. Read more

Inexpensive Lunch Ideas That Fit Your Budget

The fact is, lunch does not have to be a daily drain on your budget. If you plan ahead, you can actually find yourself with a little extra cash in your pocket at the end of the day. Read more

Save Money with Google Wallet

Google Wallet is an app for your phone that allows you to make payments using your debit or credit cards, simply by “tapping” a secured Google Wallet enabled check-out. But making payments is just the start of what Google Wallet can do. Read more

Splurging While on a Budget

We know what it’s like to live on a tight budget. Once you’ve paid all of the bills, brought home the groceries, put gas in the car, and thrown some cash at whatever fundraiser your child’s school is putting on this week, you’ve got nothing left for fun. And let’s face it: everyone needs a little fun now and again, regardless of your bottom line. Read more

Using Your Budget for Grocery Shopping

While there are a variety of different ways to save money on a day-to-day basis, — don’t splurge on yourself by going to the movies is one example — most of us don’t think about spending less on food. Read more

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