Career Planning

One of the best ways to ensure you are on solid financial ground is through career planning and execution. Whether you already have a career, are job hunting or starting/operating a small business, the articles has compiled here can help you. From interviews and negotiating salaries to small business financing and business plans, each is designed to help you achieve a debt free status and remain on the solid ground your careful planning helped you achieve.

Acing a Telephone Interview

In an attempt to cut costs, interview more out-of-town prospects and weed out the number of candidates that are brought in for an interview, companies are reverting to interviewing more and more people over the phone. Often times, the phone interview is the first step in a series of interviews that candidates must go through to get the job. And while many may think that phone interviews are easy and just a formality, not taking it seriously is likely going to take you out of the running for the job. Read more

Business Plan Drafting Tips

A good business idea remains just that, an idea, until it is written down in the form of a business plan. A business plan serves many purposes. It is a roadmap to how to make your business idea happen. It’s a way to get other people excited about working with you on your idea. It becomes a tool by which the bank and financial backers know you’re serious about this business idea. Read more

Engaging in Salary Negotiations

With any new job there is surely a lot on your mind. You have to become familiar with a new environment, new people, and new responsibilities. However, before you get too busy thinking about all of those changes, you need to focus on salary negotiations. The way that you complete your salary negotiations will impact the rest of your career at that company. Read more

Filing for Unemployment Benefits

Losing your job can be devastating. However, depending upon your circumstances, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. These financial benefits are paid to unemployed people by the federal government, and they typically cover a fairly large portion of your missed paycheck. For many people, these benefits may equal 60 to 70% of their regular paycheck. Read more

Financing a Small Business

Are you tired of working for someone else? Has there been an idea for a business that you have had for years? Maybe now is the time to bring that idea into reality. Starting your own business that is a success is far from being a sure thing. In fact most businesses will fail within a few years of starting out. There are three major ways that most small businesses fail and they include poor planning, not having enough experience in how a business is run, and not enough funding. Read more

Reducing Small Business Debt

Being the owner of a small business has its challenges. There are bills to pay, customers to keep happy, competitors to keep an eye on, employees to train…the list goes on and on. One of a small business owner’s biggest challenges is keeping an eye on the company’s debt. Debt and unmanageable monthly accounts payable can easily cause a shutdown of a small business. Read more

Tips on Asking for a Pay Raise

We all want to make more money. But not all of us are comfortable asking for a pay raise. There’s the awkwardness of trying to sell yourself and what you bring to the table to your supervisor – not to mention the awkwardness of how the both of you will feel if your request is denied. In either case, keep in mind that it’s likely nothing personal, just business – for both parties involved. Read more

Tips on Job Interview Preparation

In this tough job market, a good interview is one of the key elements that can help you stand out from the crowd and get the position you’ve been eying. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of going into job interviews without thoroughly preparing for the experience. This misstep can not only cost you the job but it may also leave a lasting bad impression with an employer who may have otherwise considered you for a position in the future. Read more

Your Worth and Your Salary – Making Them Equal

Working hard can hardly seem worth it if you’re not earning your full potential. Before you even start salary negotiations, however, you’d do well to figure what you, and your job is worth. We have put together strategies to employ before you start salary negotiations that can help you earn the wages you deserve. Read more

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