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Just about every credit card out there offers some sort of free rewards program when you use and spend money with that particular credit card. These range from free hotel rooms to points that work as cash to airline miles to actual cash refunds for all the purchases you make. Some credit card rewards programs are more immediately beneficial than others and therefore more risky to you, the consumer. With respect to our customers who are looking for the best possible credit card rewards but they don’t want to end up paying off huge bills or having a seriously hindered credit score, we here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance have some tips listed below for using these numerous free rewards offers from credit card companies to your advantage. While you will still have to spend some money to get these perks, it will benefit you in the long run.

Always Repay Immediately and Use The Card Regularly

The free rewards cards pay dividends through these deals when you use them on a regular basis, which is why the rewards are offered in the first place. However, the biggest risk you run with credit card rewards cards is not paying the card off immediately, before the deadline each month. When this happens, you will be charged a large interest fee and possibly receive a mark against your credit score. The longer you wait to pay, the worse it will get, so pay off these cards as soon as you possibly can. This also will come down to budgeting properly, so that you aren’t spending more money on your credit cards than you have in your account. If you don’t manage this properly, the rewards you receive for using the credit card won’t be worth it, because you’ll be more concerned with working your way out of a tremendous amount of debt.

Only Have A Few Cards, Max

There are a lot of credit card rewards programs out there that all offer a wide variety of different benefits based on different spending criteria. You will be tempted to sign up for a lot of these cards and try to capitalize on as many of these perks as possible. Don’t bite on that temptation. Spreading yourself too thin over too many cards will cause you to spend a lot more money and probably have a difficult time paying all of these cards off on a regular basis. If that occurs, your debt will spiral out of control. So just pick two or three cards at the absolute maximum to spend with every month, so that all of your rewards and points are confined to a few specific benefit areas. This way you will get the most out of all of your purchases and also be able to manage your spending habits, keeping you out of debt and allowing your credit score to improve.

Check To See If You Can Consolidate Points

If you have two or three different credit cards but one you spend more on than another, see if you can consolidate your credit card rewards points into one account. This way you will have a large pool of all the points you spend which you can use for whatever you want. This is probably impossible with competing companies, like American Express and MasterCard, but cards that all use Visa make this possible. Of course, to do this you will have to call your credit card company and see what their policy is. This is something you might want to do before signing up with a number of different credit cards at once.

Read the Fine Print

Each credit card rewards program for each card is entirely different and all have specific stipulations in their contracts when you sign up. Much of this is legalese that people do not read but it would behoove you to at least look it over once, so that you know specific things that may affect how and when you can use your rewards. For example, many airline rewards cards restrict people from using these points during major holidays or blackout dates, which may be the only reason you are getting that card in the first place, so you can fly back to your hometown for free at Christmas.

Other rules will stipulate that points or miles run out after a certain amount of time, which is critical when you are saving up these precious points and miles and a company wipes them clean at the end of the year, making all the spending you have done on their card perk-less. Each credit card rewards program has a system and set of rules, which all must be laid out for you the consumer to review before you agree to them. Calling the credit card company and asking a list of questions will also give you all the exact information about the rewards program the credit card offers. They are legally required to tell the most up to date truthful information they have in the simplest terms possible. The better you understand these rules and regulations, the better you will be able to work their system to your advantage and get the maximum amount of perks while spending the least amount of money.

Know the Rewards Limits

Some credit card companies also have limits to their rewards, not allowing people to accumulate more points or miles after a certain point. This is another thing you should pay attention to when strategizing about what credit card to sign up for. Think about your situation, how much money you would spend on the card on average per month and how it will benefit you over a long period of time. Not having limits to any of these free rewards is usually best, so you have the freedom to do what you want with the points you have rightfully earned.

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