Dating on a Budget

You don’t need a fancy car and even fancier plans to impress your date; you can do so on the smallest budget with a bit of creativity. Dating on a budget might seem like a term that automatically dictates boring and chintzy activities, but the opposite can be true. We here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance came up with a host of delightful date ideas that keep costs low and enjoyment levels high.

The Food

A fancy dinner out is a surefire way to impress your date, but it’s also a surefire way to blow your budget. Hors d’oeuvres alone in some places can be more expensive than a whole meal in others. This doesn’t mean you have to hit the local diner for your date, but it does mean to take stock of how expensive even eating at a fast food joint can be.

You can still share a special meal, and even make it extra special if you prepare it yourself. Going for even premium ingredients at a supermarket fits your budgeting needs more than the cheapest meals at certain restaurants. Besides, a home-cooked meal prepared especially for your date is a charming way to show off your culinary skills.

If you want to eat out, try doing it in the form of a romantic picnic at the park. Once again you can hit the supermarket for ingredients and items to create wholesome and healthy sandwiches that taste better than any deli could ever make. Pick up some fresh fruit for dessert and enjoy the outdoor ambiance.

The Great Outdoors

Picnicking in the park isn’t the only way to enjoy a date in the great outdoors. Parks provide plenty of recreational activities to fit your budget, mainly because most of them are free. A stroll through some of your town’s larger parks gives you a chance to chat while bicycling or rollerblading burn off calories while enjoying the fresh air.

Hitting nature trails for a romantic hike is another idea that is low-cost or free and lets you share the beauty of your surroundings while getting to know each other a bit better. If you both are fitness buffs, some parks feature jogging trails and even fitness stops with specialized equipment where you can stretch and perform specific exercises for which the equipment was made.

Walking tours of historic neighborhoods and other local attractions are another way to enjoy each other’s company on a budget. Sign up for a low-cost tour you may find listed online or in the local paper, or seek out highlights around your town and create your own tour. Research area architecture or neighborhoods that interest you and check them out face-to-face.

The local paper is an ideal place to check for plenty of free or low-cost date activities, with options that an include art and craft fairs, farmers’ markets and festivals. If your town is near the ocean or lake, don’t forget a sunny and sultry day at the beach soaking up the sun or strolling through the surf. Animal lovers may enjoy a romp at the local dog park, the neighborhood cat show or even a day at a smaller zoo that has free or low-cost admission and plenty of wildlife to enjoy.

The Great Indoors

When it’s rainy, cold or downright miserable, outdoor activities may be out – but date activities that match your budgeting plan are still in. Rather than heading to an expensive movie, go for a cheaper matinee in the mid-afternoon. Another option is to rent or stream a few of you and your date’s favorite flicks, complete with home-popped popcorn and hand-crafted nachos.
Many museums offer special days where admission is discounted while a tour of your local art galleries could be absolutely free. Music lovers may love a low-cost concert series or an evening at the local pub or bar where you can often hear bands with no cover charge. Poetry and literary readings are often free as lecture series at libraries and book shops.

Getting behind the scenes at local businesses can make for a unique, unusual and interesting date. If your date happens to dig donuts, for instance, perhaps the local donut shop will give you a grand tour of how they’re made. The same can get started to any number of businesses or factories that are willing to let you and your date learn more about what they do.

The Road Trip

Many states have designated scenic drives and for the cost of gas they provide an instant date. Even if you don’t follow a specified scenic route per se, taking a road trip gives you and your date a chance to explore whatever you wish. Keep your eyes open for unusual roadside attractions that entice you, small towns you may pass through and other quaint areas that you would typically miss when you’re zooming through life.

If the cost of gas is enough to blow your budget, consider taking a road trip on your bicycles, opting for lesser-used roads and non-rush-hour timing for the least amount hassle. Whether you’re in a car or on a bike, be prepared to stop often at whatever happens to catch your eye so you can snap a few photos to remember your adventure.

The Gifts

Even if you can’t afford diamonds and season tickets, you can still give your date a special gift that comes from your heart, not your wallet. Burning a personalized CD with songs you selected specifically for your date is a great way to earn points, as is putting together a photo album of those photos you’ve been taking on your various dates.

Personalized coupon books are typically a hit, try creating a coupon book where you offer coupons to your date which can use to have you wash his car, run her errands or give a massage. Use your skills to create something your date would enjoy. Writers can pen personalized poems, artists can create a personalized sculpture or painting and carpenters can make a personalized end table or picture frame.

You don’t need money to woo and wow your date. You only need an open mind and plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company.

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