Dealing with Cruel Debt Collectors

The pressure of rising debt is enough to put a knot in anyone’s stomach. Whether you’re dealing with post-holiday debt, debt from a big occasion or vacation, or find yourself racking up debt due to lack of income, you can feel as if your back is against the wall. To make matters worse, debt collectors can often be unfriendly, unkind and downright cruel. As if coping with debt isn’t difficult enough, a cruel debt collector can add insult to injury. But you don’t have to allow rude, impolite people seeking debt collection to add to the stress you’re already bearing. Use these considerations for dealing with debt collection of any kind, but especially when dealing with unnecessarily cruel debt collectors.

Listen to What the Debt Collector has to Say

After the required speech about how they are calling to collect a debt, the person on the end of the line will likely launch into an overview of your debt before asking you to pay it today. Before he or she even gets to the part about collecting payment, you already know that you don’t have the money to pay the debt in full. Listen to what the person has to say, but don’t allow yourself to be bullied by any tactics they might use to coerce you to make a payment agreement.

Maintain a Pleasant Tone of Voice & Demeanor

Unfortunately, stooping to the level of cruel debt collectors won’t make them behave in a kinder, more professional manner. Do your best to rise above the other person’s choice of behavior by maintaining a pleasant, professional voice and demeanor. Sometimes, collection agents actually want you to react with anger, fear or stress because then they know they can push you towards a promise to pay simply to get the agency off your back. If you feel yourself getting angry, upset or stressed, take a deep breath, state matter-of-factly whether you’ll be able to pay or not, and finish the conversation.

Avoid Making Agreements You Can’t Keep

The goal of anyone trying to collect a debt on behalf of a collection agency is to secure payment. Let that be their problem and not yours. They’re likely to try several ways to get you to commit to a payment plan and will make suggestions of borrowing the money from family members or friends. State your situation and let the collector know what you can commit to or if you cannot commit to a payment at all.

Know the Myths Debt Collectors Use to Intimidate

Intimidation is a common tactic for cruel collectors and, unfortunately, it often works. If someone tells you that the agency will take you to court to collect the payment, don’t allow yourself to become stressed out. Only the original company or business where the debt was accrued can pursue payment in court. Likewise, when a collector tells you that your credit score will go down the tubes if you don’t make a payment plan don’t believe a word of it. More than likely, your credit score has already sustained damage from late or missed payments. Get through the current financial emergency, and then you can work on paying off your debt and rebuilding your credit score.

Finish the Call

If you’ve received a few debt collection calls, you’re well aware that the collector will try to keep you on the phone until he or she has achieved the goal of securing payment. After listening to what the collector has to say and stating your case, finish the call. Inform the person that you can’t work on finding money for debt repayment if you’re on the phone all day. Furthermore, if the collector continues to be cruel and abusive, hang up the phone. No one should be treated that way and hanging up isn’t going to make the situation any worse.

Report Harassment by a Debt Collection Agent or Agency

The FCC has rules regarding contact between debt collectors and those they’re trying to collect a debt from. If you feel that a debt collector is harassing you, the first course of action is to write a letter to them requesting that they stop calling. By law, the agency must adhere to your request. Should calls continue to come in from the agency, the next step is to report them to the FCC.

Options for Paying Off Debt

Most collection agencies will encourage you to borrow money from a parent, spouse or friend to pay off your debt. But if doing so was possible, you’d have certainly thought of that yourself. Thankfully, there are other options available to help with debt repayment when your back is up against the wall. We want to assist you in finding relief from credit card or loan debt so you can breathe more easily next time the phone rings.

Ultimately, taking action on your debt will help you feel relief both financially and from the constant calls from debt collectors. Here at we help people experience debt relief on a daily basis. When you’ve run out of options and no longer wish to have a debt collector breathing down your neck, you can contact us at PaydayLoansCashAdvance to learn more about how we can help you. Don’t let accumulating debt continue to stress you out. A solution for your debt repayment exists and may just be a step away; we want to help you find that solution.

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