Disputing a Credit Card Charge

One of the more frustrating things you will probably have to deal with in your month to month financial life is disputing a credit card charge that should not be on your statement. This can occur for a number of reasons, but is usually when a company or person charges you for something they shouldn’t or that you don’t believe you should be charged for. Getting these charges removed can be a real time suck and hassle, wasting much of your day with the company who charged you and the credit card company themselves.

With respect for your personal time, we here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance want to pass along a few tips for dealing with the ordeal of getting a credit card charge removed without it wasting too much of your day. Check out some of our tips for doing this listed below:

First, Call Your Credit Card Company

The first thing you need to do when you notice a strange charge to your credit card statement or one that you don’t think you should be paying for, is call your credit card company about the charge. They will be able to tell you more details about where the charge was made and to which business, so you can say whether you recognize it or not. This may also be the first signs of your identity being stolen, making this the first of many times you will dispute credit card charges over the next few weeks. If that’s the case, the credit card company will shut down the card and refund you the charges you never made. They will usually be able to cross check evidence surrounding this to prove you didn’t make those charges. If your identity was not compromised however and someone just charged you in a way that you disagree with, you’ll have to make a claim with the credit card company and they will investigate.

File a Police Report

If your identity was stolen, you should also file a police report about the identity theft. Not only will this help you when dealing with having the charges removed from your credit card statement, but it will help the authorities to possibly catch the identity theft who stole your credit card information in the first place. Keeping an exact record with the authorities will also allow them to levy charges against the thief in the event that they catch them.

Create Supporting Evidence

Once you have filed the police report, send this on to your credit card company so that they know you have done your due diligence to figure out who made these false charges to your card. This should mitigate any problem they have with taking these charges off your credit card bill. Receipts of the actual amounts of these charges also work as supporting evidence if you did make a purchase through a specific vendor but they charged you more than they should have. The more supporting evidence you give the credit card company that you, the person who was authorized on the credit card, did not make those purchases, the easier it will be for them to remove these charges or refund money that you may have been charged.

Be Understanding and Nice On the Phone

Despite the frustration of having to dispute credit card charges or solve this problem, it’s not the fault of the credit card company. They are there to help you and fix the problem that someone else caused. So the nicer you can be and more understanding and patient while they try to work everything out, the better. Credit card operators often deal with unruly customers and while they aren’t supposed to outwardly show annoyance, they certainly won’t go the extra mile for someone who has been insulting and rude to them. On the flip side, however, someone who has been nice, patient and realistic about the situation will sometimes encourage the operator to work harder to fix the situation, making it a more pleasant experience for everyone. So just think about what you would like the operator to do for you when you talk to them on the phone and formulate your attitude around that.

Know What a Credit Card Company Can Do

It’s important to know what a credit card company can and can’t do before you try to get certain charges removed. If you think a charge was made at a business you frequent and you didn’t keep the receipt for it to prove otherwise, then your credit card company probably won’t remove the charge, because they have no proof otherwise. For example, if you always go to a certain bar and put your orders on the same card, paying those charges in the past, than it will be difficult to prove you didn’t make this particular purchase you are disputing if you didn’t keep your receipt, or have a receipt from a conflicting time at another location. In short, keep your receipts, if possible.

Also, some credit card companies charge fees for filing claims. This would have been in the fine print when you first signed up with that particular credit card, but chances are you only glanced at this language, if at all. If you don’t like some of these policies that your credit card has when it comes to removing charges and refunding money, then you might want to get a different card for future purchases.

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