Fashionable and On a Budget

Dressing in appropriate and fashionable attire is a necessity when you want to make a good impression. Whether you need clothes for the office, an evening out with friends or a date with your significant other, fashion will always play a role in looking and feeling great. The problem arises when you have a strict budget that can seem limiting. By learning a few tricks to maintain your budgeting goals, it is easy to make a lasting impression.

Plan Ahead

Arranging a wardrobe and maintaining a fashionable look starts with planning ahead and setting up your maximum budget. By taking time to work on your budgeting needs and planning out the amount available for spending, you will reduce the risk of accidentally overspending and getting into a financial bind.

Fashionable clothing does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a small fortune for your clothes. Here at, we offer short-term loans that can help you arrange your budget based on the amount you will receive on your next paycheck. Using an advance to set up your maximum budget and then paying for your new outfits in cash will prevent you from accidentally spending too much.

Research the Trends

While you should strive for a timeless look that does not require you to purchase new clothes every few months, recognizing the trends before you start shopping will make it easier to avoid looking outdated. Fashionable clothing and accessories are constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends and styles.

Before shopping, take the time to determine the trends that are most appropriate for your body type, personality and preferences. If you do not consider your body type, then the latest trends might not look appropriate. You should always look for clothing that is fashionable and looks like it was made for you.

Buy a Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a style staple because it is always fashionable and it can match any shirt or blouse. Since jeans can match a wide range of shirts, selecting one or two pairs that fit properly will set the foundation for a wardrobe. If you want to stay within a set budget and build a fashionable wardrobe, then you should select dark jean colors that are appropriate for dates and casual occasions. Dark colored jeans provide more flexibility.

Make Use of Discount Stores and Outlets

Thrift stores or shops that obtain overstock items from brand-name stores are a great place to shop when trying to maintain a strict budget. If your budgeting would allow you to purchase three or four items from a store in the mall or at a boutique, then the discount stores would allow you to buy two to three times the amount of clothing items.

Although thrift stores and discount shops can provide you with the opportunity to cut back the prices and maintain your plan, it is important to look over the clothing items carefully. You will want to look for possible damage since some overstock items can face damage during transportation to the store.

Buy Items That Are Flexible

Keeping up with the latest trends can seem impossible when you have a maximum spending amount, but selecting items that are flexible and timeless will always allow you to maintain a fashionable presence. Flexibility in clothing means that a single item can match several outfits or be used as part of an outfit. For example, a sweater in neutral colors can match a wide range of pants, skirts and shirts. The neutral shade provides more flexibility so that you can use the same item in several outfits.

Although neutral colors are flexible, you will not want an entire wardrobe in neutral shades. Select two or three items that are neutral, such as a pair of black slacks and a tan sweater, and use those items to create contrast between other parts of the outfit. Mixing and matching is part of creating a fashionable and trendy wardrobe without overspending or buying a closet full of clothes each season.

Select Accessories Carefully

Although clothing is part of fashion, you should not forget the impact of your accessories. Adding accessories can personalize your style and update clothing items that you already own. For example, adding a belt and a necklace to a plain dress can make it appear like a new outfit without spending money on a new dress.

Accessories are as important to style as the actual clothing. It can also help reduce the amount you spend by allowing you to maintain shirts, pants, dresses or other clothing items that needed minor updates to look fashionable.

Buy Colors for Your Skin Tone

Although fashionable and trendy colors are constantly changing, you should always buy the colors that look great against your skin tone. For example, if you have a warm skin tone, then the best colors for your wardrobe are warmer shades like reds, yellows and oranges. A cool skin tone looks better in colors like blues, greens and pinks.

By purchasing items based around your personal skin tone, you will look amazing even when the trends start to shift in the next season. That allows you to continue cycling your clothes with the newer items so that you maintain a fashionable presence without spending more than necessary on the items.

Purchase Items Online

Although you want to look up certain types of clothes before buying it online to determine the body type it looks best on, making some purchases online can help you stay on track with your budget.

Online purchases have two main benefits that are not found in boutique stores or the mall. The Internet allows you to compare prices at several locations and can provide steep discounts when items go on clearance. That combination of comparison shopping and reduced prices can make it a cost effective way to buy the latest styles without spending a small fortune.

Avoid the Shopping Spree

One easy way to avoid going over budget when it comes to your wardrobe is to buy slowly, over time and with consistency. One or two new pieces of clothing or accessories takes a smaller bite from your budget than a full on shopping spree would. The idea is to have a consistent flow of new items coming in, with smaller dollar amounts flowing out.

Looking great and making an impression does not necessarily mean that you need to overspend or take on long-term debts. By setting up a maximum spending amount and shopping carefully, you can create a personal style that is timeless and trendy.

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