Fifteen Mostly Free Activities for Happy Kids

Family bonding doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be free, and there are countless free kids’ activities that will allow you to create lasting memories and fun times for your entire family. We at PaydayLoansCashAdvance have compiled fifteen great free kids’ activities that will remind you of the simpler times before handheld electronics and overpriced movie tickets.

  1. A picnic in the park is a good way to spend a sunny afternoon. A picnic can cost exactly the same as eating at home. All you need to do is gather your lunch or dinner in a bag or basket, add a blanket and head out to your favorite park or natural area. After you finish eating, you can enjoy the playground or do some hiking.
  2. Puddles are free. If it’s raining, have your kids put on their bathing suits or rain gear and head outside. To make sure that it is safe, you should only do this free kids activity if it is not lightening outside.
  3. Puzzles can be addictive. Puzzles are a great family activity. They are challenging enough to be exciting but simple enough that you can chat while doing them. Most thrift stores and dollar stores carry a wide range of puzzles so that you can buy them without spending a fortune either.
  4. Let the kids in the kitchen. Cooking meals together is a great way to teach your kids life skills, share chores, and bond. Best of all, the completed project will be something that the whole family can enjoy together.
  5. Gardening is very rewarding with children. Big yard, small yard or no yard – you can still garden with your child. A few buckets or pots, some soil and a handful of seeds are all you need to get started. Best of all, you will love the look on your child’s face when the plant starts sprouting or when they can taste the first items from your harvest.
  6. Game nights are essential! Family game nights are the perfect way to spend time together. You can play board games, make up your own games like charades, or even just play cards. If your kids are too young for those types of games, you may want to try simpler more active games like duck, duck goose or hide and seek.
  7. Take a stroll to the library. A walk to the library is an adventure in itself, and once you arrive, there is a ton to do. Your little one might enjoy story-time while your older ones will just enjoy browsing in the kids or teens sections and finding a book or two that will allow their imaginations to soar.
  8. Reading together is a fabulous way to spend time. If your child is young, you can read to them, and if they are older, you can alternate who reads. The time that you spend cuddled together exploring books will be unforgettable to your children and open their imaginations. Reading to your young children has shown a higher aptitude for learning as children grow older.
  9. Movie night can be cheap. Movie night doesn’t have to involve expensive tickets for the newest release in the theaters. It doesn’t even have to involve spending a lot on a rental at home. A cheap movie night can consist of a free movie from the library, a bowl of popcorn, and a couple of mugs of hot chocolate.
  10. Make and blow your own bubbles. You can buy bubble blowers for inexpensively, and once your solution is gone, you can easily make your own using a little dish washing liquid and water. You can also look online for recipes that will show you how to make bubbles that will glow in the dark using contents from a glow stick. (Note: Glow stick contents are toxic, so be sure you use them in a safe manner)
  11. Sidewalk art is fun and inexpensive. The joys of hopscotch should never be overlooked. Simple games like hopscotch are a super fun way to spend an hour or two. All you need to create a hopscotch board is a bit of chalk and a piece of concrete. Once you get tired of hopscotch, you can trace each other’s figures and draw pictures with the chalk.
  12. Look for free activities in your city. To find free activities, you should check out your city’s website. There, you will find information on parades, free museums, and more. It is also worth noting that many zoos and other establishments offer periodic free days throughout the year. To learn about those, you just need to visit the website for that establishment.
  13. Play dates are always fun and free. Take the time to visit (or be visited by) your friends, neighbors, cousins and grandparents. In fact, combining some of the other activities with play dates can make the time even more interesting. Playing dress up, making a fort out of sheets and blankets, fun in the kitchen baking, or out of doors with a sprinkler or making and playing with bubbles. The possibilities are endless.
  14. Take a trip to a museum. You don’t need to visit the biggest museum or the most impressive one. Most towns have small museums that have free or low cost admission. By spending an hour or two at a free museum, you and your child can learn new things about your local history or explore art that you may have never seen before.
  15. Camping at home is awesome. Whether you let the kids sleep in forts in the living room or pitch a tent in the backyard, you will love camping at home. You can improve the experience with a backyard fire or even microwave S’mores. It is cheaper than a real camping trip and just as fun.

These free kids activities are just the tip of the iceberg. You will certainly be able to think of more ideas, but we hope that these ideas will help you to get started. Raising children does not have to be too expensive. Always keep in mind that you can have fun without credit cards.

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