Getting Your Tax Refund Faster

Here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we know when you’re owed a tax refund, you want it back as quickly as possible. Whether it is going to pay for that summer vacation, catch up bills, or just to stash away in an interest-bearing account, you want it faster than the typical three to four weeks. Here are some of the ways you can get your tax refund back quicker:

Direct Deposit vs. Refund Check

Having a bank account means that you can have your refund directly deposited instead of waiting for a check to be mailed to you. While this is quicker, it also is a way to save money too, as you don’t have to pay for the check to be cashed. Having your checking or savings account listed for direct deposit is a great way to get your money fast. You will need to fill out the bank account information section of the tax forms used, as well as checking that you are choosing a direct deposit instead of a check. Most people that choose this option can get their money in about ten days instead of the three to four weeks.

Expedite Tax Refund by Having All the Paperwork

Many times, a tax payer will go to a tax service or a CPA, and not have all the forms they need to properly fill out their taxes. This results in a slower filing. Your tax refund can be done quicker by having the papers you need when you go to file. These include:

  1. Your W2s and your 1099s
  2. Your tax forms from the previous year
  3. Any receipts you’re taking as deductions
  4. Any home office utility bills and other payments
  5. Your final paystub for that tax year
  6. Mortgage interest forms
  7. Student loan interest forms
  8. Any other item that was mailed to you for tax purposes

Ways to Expedite Tax Refund to You
There are two fast ways to get your tax refund into your hands and wallet even faster. These include the cash advance option and the rapid refund loan.

Cash Advance - This is a loan given to the tax payer in the amount of their tax refund. It is usually a short-term loan where the tax payer will need to come in to pay it off, or it will be automatically withdrawn from the filer’s bank account on a certain date. Always elect to have your refund put into the same account as the loan will auto-deduct from to save time and hassle.

Rapid Refund Loan - These take about one to two days to get your refund on average, typically no later than a week. To get a rapid refund loan, the company that files your taxes on your behalf will need to offer the service. After the tax forms are filed they will process them, finding out the amount of the refund expected. They will give you a check or, if you’ve supplied them with a direct deposit banking account, they can directly deposit the refund amount in to your bank. When the actual tax refund check comes, it will go to the tax company to pay them back for the loan they’ve offered you. There is usually a fee involved for this process and it will be explained to you should you decide on this option.

The Tax Filing With a Stub

There are tax filing places that will allow you to bring in your paycheck stub instead of your W2. Theoretically, those that have simple filings, such as a 1040EZ form, can go as soon as they get their last paycheck stub and file their taxes, giving them a quick leg-up on those that will need to wait for W2s to come in as well as other paperwork.


Lastly, instead of filling out a tax form and mailing it in, opt to have your forms done electronically. Known as e-filing, you can do this through a tax filing company or through These will keep your return coming in quicker, as there is no waiting on postal carriers to deliver your paperwork. Make sure your forms are completely filled out, and done so accurately, so that there is no delay in processing.

These are all great ideas to keep your tax filing at the quickest possible and your refund able to arrive to you faster. These are all options that you can use every year. We at PaydayLoansCashAdvance are here to advise you should you have questions on your tax filing, getting a quicker refund, and the process best suited to you.

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