Green Vacation Ideas

It’s important to you and your family to spend some time together on vacation every year. Taking a true vacation allows you to relax from the stresses of your everyday work demands. People who are into living green have discovered that taking a green vacation is one of the most satisfying ways to get some rest and relaxation. There are various ways to approach a green vacation and we here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance have put together some tips to help you plan your next outing.

Getting There and Back

Transportation is one of the biggest concerns when planning a vacation. Initially, you may think that the “green” part of your green vacation is the destination. But if you drive a large sport utility vehicle full of people and luggage to the destination, you’re defeating the purpose. Think about what transportation options you have. Is there a way to take public transportation? Trains and buses may fit within your green vacation concept and also allow time for you and your family to interact in ways that you can’t if you drive your car.

Travel Close to Home

Also consider where your destination will be. Most people live near some very interesting and scenic areas. Rather than taking the cross-country trip and burning all of that precious fossil fuel, take a vacation just a few miles away and get to know your area better. It will feel just as refreshing. You may even have several areas within a short distance of you where you could spend a day or two at each location.

Hotels and Motels

Take some time to research where you might stay. Try to find eco-friendly lodging to accent your green vacation. These hotels usually offer comfortable rooms often made with recycled materials. They will also be energy conscious by using eco-friendly light fixtures with energy-efficient heating and air conditioning. They may give their guests the choice to use their linens for more than one day reducing the amount of energy and water used by their laundry facilities. These facilities may give you some ideas on living green yourself.

Working Vacations

One option for a green vacation is making it a working vacation by volunteering. Several organizations put together opportunities for people to come together to do something that will benefit a community in need. This could result in you and your family helping to rebuild part of a school, put equipment in to allow the community to have a clean water supply or help establish a community garden. These opportunities may be close to your home, but are certainly available in poorer parts of the country as well as communities outside of our country.

These volunteer vacations are a great way for the family to learn about different cultures. You will meet new people and discover other parts of the country that are in need of help. People who discover these volunteer vacations often go back to the same areas over and over again because they’ve gotten to know the people in the community. Lifelong connections can be made by volunteering for just a few hours over the span of a week in some of these places in need.


In the past, eco-tourism was defined as groups of people who made their way into various parts of the world to see wildlife in its natural habitat. The Amazon rain forest and the Galapagos Islands became very popular destinations for people wanting an eco-vacation. The result has been extensive damage to these habitats so that some areas no longer allow people to visit. While vacationing in such places can make a huge impact on one’s life, it can also have a negative impact on the wildlife in those regions. When looking at this kind of vacation, make sure you fully understand what destinations are safe to be visited by tourists without endangering the local wildlife.

Taking It to the Basics

One can experience a truly green vacation by going camping and taking the minimalist approach. Leave all electronics at home, leave all of the sophisticated camping equipment at home and only take the minimal amount of things you would need to live for a few days. A tent, sleeping bag, some basic tools and food are all that you need to experience life without all of the amenities with which you have grown accustomed. In case of an emergency, you can take a cell phone, but leave it turned off and in the glove box of your car. You may be surprised how relaxed you become when not surrounded by all of the electronic devices to which you have become attached.

Vacations to Learn about Green Living

There are also green vacations you can take where you learn more about green living. Green retreats are sometimes organized at campgrounds where you can pitch a tent and meet other people who are also interested in adopting green living in their own lives. There’ll often be speakers to discuss how you can be more energy-efficient, how to be smarter about the food you purchase and consume, and how to make your living environment more ecologically sound.

When planning a vacation, look at all of the aspects of the vacation itself. From getting there and getting back to what type of lodging you’ll stay in and the food you eat, there are many areas in your vacation that can be changed to make it truly green. Not only will you relax and be free from the stress of everyday life, you’ll be happy knowing that in the process of taking the green vacation, you’ve reduced your own footprint on this planet.

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