Hostels in America – Top 5

Hostels in the United States and hostels in other parts of the world were incredibly different for years. In Europe and Asia, it wasn’t difficult to find a place to store your stuff and sleep in a bunk for a cheap nightly rate, while in America a safe place like that was few and far between.

However, the rise of the backpacker culture has helped to revive American hostels and turn them into some of the best hostels in the world. Now travelers from all over can find a place to stay for under fifty dollars a night and truly see all the wonderful parts of America without paying an arm and a leg. PaydayLoansCashAdvance has put together the top 5 American hostels so that visitors can safely stay for a low rate and see much of what the United States has to offer.

Hosteling International – New York

If you’re traveling to the United States, you pretty much have to visit New York City, as it is one of the greatest and most impressive cities in the country, if not the entire world. Because of this, one of the best hostels in America exists here, known as hosteling international and located in a Victorian Gothic-style building on Manhattan’s upper west side.

There you can get a bed for as little as $29 per night, which is incredible in a city that averages around $300 per night for a tiny hotel room. Broadway is only a block away and if you learn to navigate the intricate New York City Subway, this American hostel might as well be in any prime location of the city. Reviews have also said this hostel is quite clean and safe in comparison to most other hostels in New York.

The Green Tortoise – San Francisco

On the opposite side of the country is one of the more European-style American hostels, as San Francisco is about as worldly as it gets when it comes to American cities outside of New York. Unlike New York, however, San Francisco has incredible natural scenery with bridges, massive trees, fog and beautiful bays along the Pacific Ocean. With the same hustle and bustle of New York, San Francisco can be just as expensive, if not more so.

However, the Green Tortoise allows travelers to stay for cheap right on the North Beach, where there are tons of San Francisco dining, shopping and cultural staples all within walking distance. It is also an incredibly safe neighborhood and hostel, allowing backpackers to feel comfortable calling their room and the hostel’s common areas home for the length of their stay.

City Hostel – Seattle

In the northwest corner of the country is the rainy city of Seattle, just a short trip away from one of Canada’s gem cities, Vancouver. However, Seattle is just as beautiful and arguably more accommodating to those on tighter budgets, especially backpackers. One of the best American Hostels is the City Hostel, which is located right downtown between the Space Needle and Pike’s Place Market, which are some of the locations Seattle is most known for. City Hostel serves an all you can eat breakfast each morning, a clean hot tub and artistic rooms that have been painted by local Seattle artists. It’s also received numerous awards for cleanliness from Hostel companies.

India House Hostel – New Orleans

New Orleans is another must-see American city, primarily because it is so completely different from all the other American cities. There is a heavy French and Cajun influence which yields incredible food and lots of hard drinking and partying until late into the night. However, strangely, there are not a lot of hostels that are great for backpackers. India House Hostel is the one true exception, providing everything a backpacker on a budget is looking for. It is close to the storied French Quarter and street cars run right outside allowing for public transportation. There is no curfew, a 24 hour kitchen and a lot of safety in a city that can sometimes be dangerous.

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel – Pescadero, California

An off the beaten path place for backpackers to visit is the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel in Pescadero, California. Nestled on the Pacific Ocean, Pescadero is a sleepy California beach town that will feel like a vacation getaway, no matter what budget you are travelling on. Here, visitors get to sleep in a lighthouse and see incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. There are redwood forests nearby, whale watching opportunities and tons of seals which breed on the nearby beaches. Not only is this hostel cheap, it’s also green and good for the environment.

Hostels are a very affordable option which allows you to spend more time and money doing what you really want to do – and what matters most – experience and traveling. In the current economy, it’s very easy to see the advantages of staying at a hostel. There are many websites available to assist you in finding hostels in your destination cities and we here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance wish you happy and safe travels.

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