Installment Loan for Bad Credit

Here at, we know that we don’t need to tell you that times are tough, and that every little bit helps. Whether we’re talking about difficulties in getting an installment loan for bad credit or trying to deal with old debts that are bogging you down, just keeping your head above water is tougher than ever these days, and many who offer bad credit installment loan options are too quick to look at your credit history and see that as a bad risk.
At, however, we believe in second chances. Our customers can be connected to direct lenders for installment loans in a matter of minutes. If you need an installment loan for bad credit, then here’s all we require before you get started:

  • Be over 18 – Young people need money, too, but those under 18 are unable to legally sign for direct lender installment loans, so please be over 18 before getting started.
  • A regular monthly income of $1,000 or more after taxes – This could come from a job, disability, or retirement, so long as it is a regular, reliable form of income amounting to at least $1,000 USD after taxes.
  • You must have an active checking account in your name – The need for this is simple: the lender we match you with will deposit your installment loan funds directly into your account after you’ve been approved for an installment loan for bad credit, check n go installment loans or any other type of direct lender installment loans.


There are a lot of companies out there that will connect you with a bad credit installment loan, so why us? Well, consider that when you borrow from a lender that we’ve connected you with…

  • The loan is reported to credit agencies. This means that you can improve your credit by paying these loans back on time.
  • No credit check is performed. We are in the business of lending money to those in need, and that’s what we do, with or without bad credit.
  • You get payment by end of the next business day. Once approved, your funds are directly deposited into your account quickly.
  • Loans are repaid via direct debit. This means that even the repayment process is simplified for your benefit.
  • Approval takes mere minutes. There is nothing to gain by keeping you waiting, our lenders approve loans in a timely manner.

If you’re in need of a short term personal installment loan and you don’t have a lot of time to wait for approval and payment, we’re here to make the process easy.

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Lenders may undertake credit checks or otherwise verify the consumer’s social security number or other information.
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Late payments of loans may result in additional fees or collection activities, or both.
Non-payment of credit could result in collection activities.
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