Investing in Your Future

So, the Mayan’s were wrong. The world didn’t end and now we have a future to plan for. Your future can be very bright and financially stable if you take the time to plan for it correctly. Here at we have gathered information you will need to properly invest in your future and give yourself an opportunity to have a grand time in your golden years. Check out these important topics:

401(k) – Borrowing Against It

Borrowing against your 401(K) might not always be the best idea. It depends on a number of variables, so we can’t tell you that you should or that you shouldn’t. We can give you a checklist of points to keep in mind, but beyond that, you’re going to have to rely on your own insight and judgment regarding whether or not you should take the risk and borrow against your 401(k). Read more

401(k) Investment Options

One of the most popular options for retirement planning in recent years is the 401(k) investment. This investment option is often offered by people’s employers; although many also opt to use this investment option independently. There are a wide range of investment choices to review with a 401(k), and everyone will set up their own portfolio slightly differently depending on personal traits, such as rise tolerance. Read more

Certificates of Deposit

There are many types of wealth. Unfortunately, the Great Recession showed that wealth is susceptible to downturns in the market, crashing stocks and other twists of fate. Naturally everyone who makes money is looking for ways to protect it, especially if they have families or have been saving for years. One of the best and most risk-free ways to guard your money is to place it in a Certificate of Deposit. Read more

Choosing a Retirement Community Based on Financial Needs

When beginning the search for a retirement community, things can get pretty stressful. With many factors in mind– location, amenities, and most importantly, price– the choice for the perfect elderly housing community can quickly escalade to a difficult decision. We know that the financial aspect of this decision is extremely important, and that’s why we want to make sure you find your dream retirement community without having to suffer because of price. We gave gathered the following information to aid you in your search so that you can make the right decision. Read more

Flexible Spending Account – Making the Most of It

Your employer may have offered you the option of setting up a flexible spending account for your health care needs, and we can help you make the most of it. Whether you’ve turned down the option in the past because you weren’t sure what it meant or you set up a flexible spending account but are not sure how to most effectively use it, the information we’ve collected can help you reap the rewards such an account can bring. Read more

Great Places to Retire Outside of the U.S.

You’ve spent years earning this. You’ve gotten your hands dirty, climbed the ladder, raised a family, endured hardships, lived, learned, loved… and now it’s time to retire! But… an ordinary sunshiny Florida retirement in a cushy trailer park with ten thousand of your peers isn’t for you. We’ve put together some of the top overseas retirement destinations for those looking to broaden their horizons in their retirement years. So kick up your feet, grab a drink, and envision yourself in one of these exotic–and totally feasible–retirement locales. Read more

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

If you want to put money aside so you have income after you stop working, an individual retirement account, or IRA, may be just the tool you need. The federal government calls the IRA a “no fuss, no muss” situation, but it can be complicated if you’re not sure where to begin. We have gathered helpful information about IRAs so you can start saving and stop worrying about what the future may bring. Read more

Investing Abroad

We understand the complexities of international investments. We encourage our clientele to consider all of their investing options and there are lucrative opportunities abroad. However, there are a few realities you should understand about foreign investments before you make one. Read more

Money Market Funds

When people look to begin making investments, they are often overwhelmed by the wide range of choices available to them. We have gathered the following information for you about money market funds and related investment opportunities to help make sure you make an informed decision based on what will work best for you, your money, and your long term and short term goals. Read more

Rolling Over Your 401(k) – How To

The 401(k) is the modern day equivalent of the pension plan with advantages such as employer matching and pre-tax dollars going into the account. Many employers offer the 401(k) plan to employees, both to entice new hires and help existing ones to save money for their future. 401(k)s differ from pensions in that they can be carried with an employee all the way through her working years via a rollover. Read more

Savings Bonds

When it comes to investing, you have many options. You can invest in the stock market, real estate or by purchasing savings bonds. Savings bonds are a less-risky investment option issued directly by the United States Treasury Department. Essentially when you buy a savings bond you are loaning the United States government your money and they will pay you interest over a period of time. Read more

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