Keep Your Lawn Beautiful on a Budget

As the song says, “It’s good to touch, the green, green grass of home”. Keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful will take some time and effort on your part but it doesn’t have to kill the budget. PaydayLoansCashAdvance knows that in order to enjoy your lawn and increase the value of your property you will want to maintain your lawn and keep it beautiful. We’re here to help with these helpful inexpensive lawn care tips.


The most costly part of keeping your lawn beautiful is the water costs. There are various water conservation methods that will save you a lot of money over time, and of course conserving water is always good for the environment. It’s important that you know how much you water is just as important as when you water. Your lawn should be watered deeply a couple times each week. You want to water it deeply enough so that your lawn is damp, but not so much that you’ve created puddles. Watering in this manner will keep you from having to water daily, as the water will remain in the soil for a few days. In order to conserve water, you want to water at the best time as well, as stated earlier. Make sure your lawn is watered toward the end of the day, as the sun sets or has gone down. In watering at this time of day, the hot sun won’t have a chance to evaporate the water and it has a chance to soak deep into the soil overnight.

Paths and Shade

If your lawn has a walk path across it, it’s important to keep people from walking on the edges. Create a simple edging and buffer the edge of the lawn as it abuts the walk path. You can enhance the look of your lawn, and increase the value of the property by creating a buffer zone with rocks, mulch and a few plants. If your lawn receives too much direct sunlight, consider planting a tree (or trees) to create a shaded zone that will move across your lawn as the sun traverses the sky. If you have a large lawn, you can help ease the care of it by creating carefully situated planting beds. Colorful perennial flowers in a bed of mulch and bordered by the same rocks you used on your path add a touch of grace and elegance and minimize the amount of lawn care.

Create your Own Soil

When your budget is tight and you’re looking for inexpensive lawn care methods, one of the things you should consider is creating your own compost pile. Your lawn needs a nutrient-rich soil and you can create your own compost pile nearly cost free. It does take a while for a compost pile to be useful, so don’t delay in starting one. A compost pile is extremely economical and you should never need to buy soil again if done correctly. You will need this soil when it comes to planting new sections of grass, or replant sections that have died off as well as use in any planting beds you might have. Grass seed and plants grow much faster and healthier when planted into composted soil as opposed to the more expensive store-bought planting soil.

Mowing is a Science

It’s a complete myth that if you mow your lawn short, it will take longer for it to need to be mowed again. Here’s a little science: Grass requires it to have photosynthesis (the converting of sunshine into sugar) in order to feed the roots. When you mow the lawn short, it literally has to race to create new blades of grass to make the sugar and you end up mowing twice as often as you need to. You can save a lot of money over the season by allowing your lawn to grow higher. Simply set your mower as high as it will go – typically 3-4”.

Secondly, if your lawn has a large amount of weeds, there is a secondary benefit to allowing the lawn to grow higher. Back to the photosynthesis, all plants need sunlight in order to grow and that includes weeds. By allowing your lawn to outgrow your weeds, you block the weeds ability to create photosynthesis, and without it, they die.

Third, when you mow your lawn high, you are keeping the sunlight from reaching the soil. While the soil is shaded it has less of an opportunity to dry out and therefore you are watering less. The soil will be fed through the root system of the grass, thus the roots grow thicker and deeper which leads to fewer weeds.

Finally, leave the clippings. Lawn clippings are organic matter and as they decompose, their nutrients will go back into the soil and feed the remaining lawn. Without the clippings your soil will begin to deteriorate into simple dirt and that’s not a healthy growing environment for your lawn. As you mow, if clumping of the clippings occurs, that is a sign of either mowing too short, or not mowing enough.

Planting new grass

There are many different types of grasses, from Awnless Brome to Kentucky Bluegrass to Zoya Grass – which one you use is your decision. It’s highly recommended that you have a bale of moldy hay delivered before you start putting down your seed. Typically you can get the moldy hay free because it cannot be fed to animals. Once you have both hay and seed, spread your seed out and then cover with the moldy hay. Then cordon off the area using string and wooden stakes. Finally, water deeply – and at sunset. You may be wondering why moldy hay. Quite simply, the hay does two things, first – it covers the seed and keeps birds from thinking you’re offering a them the lunch special, secondly, the mold is in itself an organic material. Once your new lawn grows you will be able to mow the hay right into your new lawn and the breakdown of the hay and the mold will feed the soil and the grass.

Watering correctly and the method of mowing are all things that work together toward the health of your lawn. Inexpensive lawn care starts with a good root system and a healthy lawn. We hope these tips have helped you to get that “green, green grass of home.”

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