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Payday Loan / Cash Advance Rates and Fees

There is absolutely no cost to you when you submit an form for a payday loan or cash advance here at PaydayLoanCashAdvance.com. You are also under no obligation to accept any loan offered to you in the case that you do not agree with the loan terms. Our service provides you with access to a very large network. Once submitted, we will refer your form to one or more cash advance lenders based upon the information you give us on your form. PaydayLoansCashAdvance.com is not a direct lender, we are a lender matching service that greatly increases borrower’s chances for approval. Since we are not a direct lender we cannot provide you with the exact representative APR range, but for your convenience we have made the following slider tool to help you get a general idea of the APR that you might be presented with by your lender:

Loan Example:

Loan Amount: $200

Length of Loan: 30 days

Interest Rate: 300%

Interest: $48

Amount to be Paid: $248

Installment Loan Rates and Fees

PaydayLoanCashAdvance.com is not a direct lender. We are a lender matching service that can help you to quickly obtain the installment loan that you need. We save you time by letting you avoid the long, arduous process of requesting with each direct lender one at a time. Our service is completely free for you, and when you get started you are under no obligation to accept the loan. Typically the representative rate for installment loans ranges from 35%-600%. The fees vary depending on the loan period, your state of residence, individual lender policies, and in some cases your credit history.

When your lender approves you for an installment loan, they will direct you to their website and present you with their installment loan offer which will include all interest rates and fees, as required by the Truth in Lending Act. Once you decide to accept their terms, all that you have to do is electronically sign an installment loan document. It is important that you read all of the loan documentation carefully, as it will contain all the information on rates and fees.

The Process

It’s possible to be matched with multiple installment loan lenders or a single lender. This is based upon your form information. In either case, the lender(s) will provide you with documents containing all of the rates and fees pertaining to the loan they are offering. If you receive multiple offers, then you have the opportunity to choose the lender whose installment loan has the best rates and fees to suit your personal situation. Some borrowers will select an offer with a higher interest rate if the repayment schedule is better aligned with their budget.

Please take some time to completely review all the information regarding rates and fees before agreeing to the terms of the loan. Once you decide that you wish to move forward, simply e-sign the loan document and submit. Your funds will be directly deposited into your bank account by the end of the next business day. Oftentimes, the direct deposit occurs quickly.

Full Disclosure

PaydayLoansCashAvance.comhas no specific knowledge or control over the details of the loan offers that our lenders will present you with. You are under no obligation to accept any loan offer if you determine that the offer is unsuitable. The installment loan’s interest rates and fees are dictated solely by your lender in accordance to their policies, as well by the laws which govern your state of residence.

Late Payments Policy

Before accepting any loan, it’s important that you clearly understand the lender’s policy on late payments. Each installment loan lender has their own policy on late payments, and they must follow the guidelines set forth by the lending laws within your state of residence. If you obtain a loan and later find that you cannot meet the terms of repayment, it’s important that you directly contact your lender as soon as possible. To learn more about your particular state’s laws on lending, locate your state in the list provided here.

Non-Repayment Policy

If you are unable to repay your loan, additional fees and charges may apply. PaydayLoansCashAdvance.com works with reputable lenders who are dedicated to fair and reasonable collection practices. There are differing legal repercussions which apply in each state. To learn more about these legal ramifications, you can go to our locations page and click on your state of residence.

Loan Rollover Policy

The rules and policies for rolling over a loan, or renewing a loan, are largely controlled by state law. In states where this practice is allowed, the interest and fees that can be assessed may potentially add a substantial amount to the loan. You can review your state’s regulations and laws on our locations page. It is important that you read the cash advance lender’s loan terms with regard to rollovers prior to signing your loan contract.

Non-Payment Implications and other Considerations

Your lender will present you with their practices, specific terms, and conditions prior to your decision to accept the loan, including the interest rate and fees. We recommend that you carefully review all of this information prior to accepting any loan offer that you are presented with. If you do not fully understand anything enclosed in the terms, we suggest that you discuss these implications with your lender. It is especially important to carefully review and understand the policies regarding late payment, partial payment, or non-payment. Your acceptance of the practices, terms, and conditions of your loan offer entails that you agree to pay back the loan’s principal and charges within the allotted due date of the loan, as detailed in the documents provided by your lender. Additional pre-agreed upon charges or fees applied by your lender may be accrued in the event that you are unable to pay back your loan in full or if you make a late payment. Because our service is to connect you to a lender, we are unable to predict the amount of the charges and fees that you will incur due to non-payment, late payment, or partial payment. Furthermore, we have no insight or knowledge of any of the specific details of the loan offer provided by your lender.

We make every effort to only have reputable lenders in our network that adhere to fair, reasonable, and legal collection practices of past due accounts. Some of the lenders in our network may perform a credit check in their decision making process to approve or reject the funding of your loan request. If you do not repay your loan on time some lenders will report this to credit bureaus and this may affect your credit score negatively. Any time there is a non-payment or partial payment the lender may eventually engage in debt collection practices. You may review the legal collection practices outlined by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Continued non-payment may have legal consequences if your lender decides to pursue legal actions against you. If you have a complaint about your lender, please contact us and one of our representatives will promptly reply to look further into the matter. You may obtain more information at our Responsible Lending Policy web page.

The operator of this website is not a lender.
This site will share the form information provided by the consumer with one or more lenders.
This site can connect you with a cash advance lender based on your form and lender requirements.
Not all customers will be connected with a lender, and not all forms will be approved by a lender.
PaydayLoansCashAdvance cannot guarantee the amount of funds that may be extended if a lender approves the form.
*Not all lenders can provide up to $1,000. Consumer loan amounts vary bases on creditworthiness.
Lenders tend to provide upper range loan amounts to returning customers. Cash transfer time may vary between lenders.
Funds are not available until the next business day. Cash advances are not available in all states.
Lenders may undertake credit checks or otherwise verify the consumer’s social security number or other information.
If and when lenders preform credit checks they are ran via specialized credit bureaus.
Late payments of loans may result in additional fees or collection activities, or both.
Non-payment of credit could result in collection activities.
Each Lender has their own terms and conditions, please review their policies for further information.
Every Lender has its own renewal policy, which may differ from Lender to Lender. Please review your Lender's renewal policy.

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