Save Money Four Ways by Treating Yourself

Health care costs are rising. It’s a sad but true fact of live and no matter how good your health insurance is, there are holistic, homeopathic and natural methods that you can use to treat yourself that can make you feel better while saving you a few of your hard earned dollars.

Because of the money savings aspect of these treatments are good for both your budget and wallet, PaydayLoansCashAdvance finds them worthwhile to share with you. It’s important to note that the treatments we list here are not meant to be a substitute for medical advice and a visit to your doctor. Treat yourself inexpensively, but remember that research and good old-fashion common sense should be used when it comes to your health.

Take a look at these four treatments you can use to treat yourself inexpensively and feel better in a true DIY style.

Salt Water

For oral and dental pain as well as germ killing add sea salt to a container then add boiling water. Once the salt has dissolved, add cold water until the solution is body temperature. Use the salt water solution to rinse your mouth slowly, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds and then spit it out. You can do this as needed as pain comes up and as a regular germ killing treatment. If the pain continues, work to create a stronger solution. Remember: This is not a cure for what is causing the pain so a dental or medical check- up should be scheduled.

Disinfect Naturally

Again dealing with the mouth, another way to treat yourself inexpensively is to use common household ingredients to disinfect your mouth naturally and in a way that is both wallet and budget friendly. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are both powerful and natural disinfectants. Be sure to dilute hydrogen peroxide with water before use. Take a piece of cotton and soak it with a hydrogen peroxide solution and hold it against an oral abscess to alleviate pain. Dip a toothbrush into the hydrogen peroxide solution and then into baking soda for a refreshing toothpaste that will clean your entire mouth. Baking soda can also be used as a healing agent and to alleviate pain as well. And don’t forget the salt water mouth wash as mentioned above for germ killing instead of expensive over the counter mouth washes.

A visit to a health food store and you can add tea tree oil and virgin coconut oil to your supplies. Both work well as DIY dental pain treatments as these oils draw toxins from the mouth and body. See product label for instructions.

Give your Immune System a Boost

While a good healthy diet and exercise are always great for the immune system there are ways to give it a little boost as well by increasing your iodine and vitamin C intake. The addition of seaweed, which comes in the form of a pill, is a great way to add iodine to your system. Adding herbs like garlic as well as Echinacea and grapefruit seed extract will also give your immune system a boost. Garlic is one the most potent and natural antibiotics – and who doesn’t just love garlic. Not a fan of garlic? Not to worry, you can pick up some odor free garlic pills. Note: Garlic is also a natural bug repellent. If you love the outdoors, and aren’t a fan of bug bites, the garlic pills or added garlic in your diet will ward them off.

Ingredients Exploration

There are so many ingredients that you can explore and find remedies and treatments for all kinds of things. You only have to take the time and research what’s available, and how to use them. For instance:

  • Wheatgrass: Can be used to treat infections with its rich source of chlorophyll and other nutrients. It can be applied in two ways, as a mouthwash or applied directly to the area you are experiencing pain.
  • Goldenseal: Is both an antimicrobial and an anti-inflammatory. While very bitter tasting, it can be used to remove oral swelling and pain.
  • Fish Oil: Contains the important Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential in reducing the risk of heart attacks among other heart related diseases. Fish oil is routinely used to lower triglycerides, combats depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
  • Turmeric: Reduces inflammation and abscess pain. Mix to a mud consistency with water, clean the area and apply directly to abscess.
  • Lemon Balm Extract: Found in the tincture department at the health food store. A half of a dropper of the extract mixed with eight ounces of warm water and you will find yourself in a stress free zone. Studies show that lemon balm extract works on the brain in the exact same way as medically prescribed valium does. It’s not recommended you take the lemon balm straight as it has a very sour flavor on its own. If you’re full of stress and a nice cup of tea is – well – your cup of tea, then brew yourself a pot and add a few drops of the lemon balm extract, for both its cooling and soothing qualities.
  • Ginger: has been used for centuries for the treatment of stomach upset, nausea and digestive problems. It’s also been used for generations for headaches, menstrual cramps and cold and flu-like symptoms.

There have been shaman, medicine men, healers and even witch doctors, who have, for eons used natural remedies to treat and cure illness and injury. Today, we have come to lean more on the traditional physician for quick cures and treatments, but at what cost? If it were possible to ease menstrual cramps with ginger, isn’t that better than paying for a visit to the doctor and prescription of some chemical concoction?

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