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At PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we want to help you save money. With our network of lenders to get great rates available. But we also use our resources in other ways to save you money. That includes our being ever vigilant at looking at the latest technology, tips and tricks to help you save every dollar possible. One of these ways can be Google Wallet. If you’re not familiar with Google Wallet, here’s a brief background, and then on to ways to use it to save money!

What is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is an app for your phone that allows you to make payments using your debit or credit cards, simply by “tapping” a secured Google Wallet enabled check-out. But making payments is just the start of what Google Wallet can do. It can track your purchases by category and location and it can help with budgeting. Google states that all you’re your information is safely stored “in the cloud”, and available to you whether you need to purchase a latte’ or lunch.

It can be extremely useful if you in fact forget your wallet, or if you are comfortable enough with it to not even routinely use a wallet. Convenience is a big reason to use the Google Wallet app, but at we are all about helping you to save money, so let’s see how Google wallet may help.

How Google Wallet Helps

First, since Google Wallet tracks your expenses, you know exactly where and when you are spending your hard earned money. You will no longer have to ask “where did all my money go?” you can see where with help from Google wallet. Once you see where you are spending money, you’ll be able to see those expenses add up, and take steps to correct them. After all, you probably shouldn’t be spending 37% of your money on fast food. This makes it not just a great budgeting tool, but as a reminder to you of where you need to tone down your expenses.

Ever go somewhere where you pay, with promises from your friends to “catch you later” in sharing the cost? Google Wallet has a “bump and share” feature that immediately splits the bill, letting each party pay their share. This can work for dinners, tickets even lodging. Now you are just a bump away from only paying your share, and saving money. No more worrying about getting stiffed.

Added Features

Google Wallet also carries all of your loyalty, savings, and bonus perk card information in one easy to use place. This means never having to remember who and where you have loyalty cards. Using Google Wallet automatically uses any applicable cards associated with your purchase to make sure you get the savings you are entitled to, and earn the points you deserve…every time.

Google Wallet gives you the opportunity to set your spending parameters. It will remind you if you are getting close to spending limits. You can also use its “block” feature to prevent you from buying particular items you may wish to avoid like alcohol or entertainment. It can also help you avoid fraud.

Big Savings

Here is where Google wallet gets scary good. Since it tracks your location and your purchases, it can notify you of where you can get the best deal on what you are buying. Google researches the coupons, deals and promotions available right in your area and lets you know about them. That can save money easily, and it can save substantial money, especially on bigger ticket items.

Budget Assistance

While Google Wallet is a convenient money saving program, its best effect may just be on making you aware of how, on what and when you spend money. If you see yourself spending the most money at night, maybe you should curtail your evening outings. Google Wallet keeps accounting for you while helping keep you accountable.

As more and more individuals and businesses climb aboard the Google Wallet platform, savings are likely to increase as well. This may be the perfect time to start saving with Google Wallet.
Those looking to save money can count on PaydayLoansCashAdvance to help. We will continue to research tools and concepts to help you stretch your money. Remember, saving money can be easier than making money!

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