School Uniforms – Pros and Cons

School uniforms, aren’t just for the parochial, private and preparatory schools any longer. Today, more educational institutions are joining the ranks of schools requiring that a uniform be worn by the students. School uniforms have seen an increase in popularity among school administrators, teachers, parents and even students. Yet there are some anti-uniform advocates that persist in being heard in the debate on school uniforms.

Here at we offer both sides of the argument and allow you to decide for yourself on which side you’ll cast your vote.

The Facts

Studies show that schools which have installed a school uniform policy have experienced a marked upsurge in school pride and personal hygiene, not to mention drastically improved testing scores.

School uniforms, according to studies, halt alarming trends such as students who are ostracized, judged and abused due to their appearance.

National statistics show that there is a 40% to 70% decrease in the occurrences of detentions and student violence – including fighting, muggings, bullying, theft, and sexual assaults – in schools with uniform policies.

The Cons

While there is a growing popularity of school uniforms, there are many parents and psychologists that strongly believe that school uniforms stifle the student’s ability for personal expression and thus halt the natural evolution of self-esteem. During the formative school years, self-esteem is aided through the expression in the student’s form of dress; forcing the children to conform to a singular appearance is psychologically damaging.

Those against student uniforms maintain that the cliques formed at school will continue to exist no matter how the students dress, and furthermore they hold that the uptick in student uniforms is largely responsible for the sharp rise in both homeschooling and online classes. Parents against school uniforms claim the added expenses of both purchase and care of the uniforms pushes the limits of the family budget as they must continue to purchase casual non-school clothing.

The Pros

The proponents of public school students wearing uniforms state that the uniforms offer students the sense of belonging, a healthier learning environment and create a private school atmosphere. They further believe that the uniforms promote and foster a healthy socialization without any superficial distractions.

Believing that first impressions matter, proponents state that the school uniforms foster maturity, self-esteem and preps the students to join the work force. While parents agree on the point of having to also supply their children with out-of-school clothes, they are happy to do so knowing their children are being judged on who they are and not what they wear.

School Uniforms of Today

No longer the staid plaid skirts and jacket of yesterday, today’s school uniforms are provided by top retailers. Companies such as The Gap, Old Navy, Polo, French Toast, Land’s End and Dockers have been enlisted by school districts to provide the uniforms for school kids. The fashionable, flattering uniforms are designed and priced with today’s family in mind.

Uniforms can be khaki jeans and polo shirts or formal and semi-formal jackets for boys, while girls are wearing jumpers, skirts and white blouses. In some cases, the uniform is the same for both genders – khaki pants and polo shirt. Many pieces of today’s uniform come in an array of colors that can be mixed-n-matched and in styles that can easily be coordinated with accessories and out of school wear for casual wear and even job interviews.

So, what side of the fence do you stand on? Today’s tendencies call for rebellion against conformism and what is considered to be the norms. Rebellion sparks defiance against discipline and systematic obedience. Parents and school administrators who are against the idea of school uniforms work to eliminate the idea of student body walking about in uniformity and stress that individualism and self-expression are key factors in self-esteem building and independence.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the argument, proponents are touting the uniforms as non-inhibiting, user-friendly and pillars of freedom, self-expression and creativity. Proponents also cite studies showing that schools who require their student to don the uniform show a marked decrease in agitations, fad fanaticism, theft and many other negative aspects of social behavior to the non-uniformed school systems.

In the end, both sides agree that a school which maintains a positive learning environment, nourishes the mind and the body, promotes the development of good character traits and prepares the students for the lives they will lead post-school is what is best for all students.

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