Staying fit on Business Travel

Travel fitness can be a challenge; business people who travel a lot can find it hard to stay fit and healthy while on the road. Your daily routine is broken; you may feel jet lagged, fatigued or exhausted from seemingly endless business meetings. While your schedule and workouts will not be the same as when you’re at home, traveling for business is really no excuse for completely ignoring your normal fitness routine.

Finding the motivation, and the time, for travel fitness while out on a business trip may at first seem challenging. You’re on the road, you’re busy, and it may feel like this is a time to “cheat” or reward yourself for your efforts. But the truth is that staying as close as you can to your normal fitness routine can actually enhance your travels, making the trip more productive and rewarding.

has gathered these six fitness tips for travelers who are determined to stay healthy while on the road:

Plan Ahead: Travel fitness starts with planning ahead, and a firm resolution to stay fit while away from home. You may need to wake up an hour earlier than usual, or skip watching television at night so that you can get your workout in each day. You may be tired, and it may seem difficult, but do your best to stick to a routine during the entire length of your trip. You’ll sleep better, you’ll be more focused, and feel better both during and after the trip.

Stay Hydrated: The simple step of staying hydrated can do wonders for your fitness and energy levels while traveling. Make sure to have access to plenty of clean, fresh water throughout your trip. Bring your own filtration pitcher or bottle if you can, or look for a water dispenser in the hotel. If all else fails, buy a case of bottled water to keep in your hotel room. Hotels and conference rooms tend to be dry, and the more water you drink, the more refreshed you will feel. For every cup of coffee or soda you drink, try and drink an equal amount of fresh water.

The Hotel Gym: Business travelers will most likely have access to some sort of gym or workout facility within the hotel. While it will most likely not be up to your normal standards, take advantage of whatever fitness equipment is at your disposal. A session on a rickety exercise bike or treadmill is better than none at all. If your hotel has a swimming pool, you can swim some laps or do water aerobics. Working out or going for a swim after your work day is a great way to relieve stress as well. If you’re a morning person, get up early and get it out of the way before you start your work day.

Local Parks and Streets: Whether your hotel has a gym or not, there are always ways to staying fit. If you’re staying in a safe area of town, jogging or power walking near the hotel is always on option. Look online for a park close by so that you can enjoy some greenery while you run. Whether you jog or walk, taking it to the streets will give you the chance to explore your area while burning off some calories and stress. Just make sure you stick to safe areas — and bring your cell phone. That way, you can call the hotel or use the GPS feature if you get lost.

Take the Stairs: If you’re just not comfortable walking or jogging around the area where your hotel is located, running up and down the hotel stairway is a great alternative for your cardio workout. You’ll definitely feel the burn after just a few flights. You can also do exercises such as pushups and sit-ups in your hotel room to keep your upper body and stomach muscles toned. Be creative! There are lots of ways to stay fit even when there isn’t fitness equipment around.

Eat Healthy: It’s often so tempting to take a break from your normal healthy diet when traveling, especially when you have a company expense account covering your meals. However, this is not a reason or excuse to eat unhealthy while you’re traveling. When eating out, try to opt for area restaurants that offer healthy options. When dining out with colleagues, suggest going to healthy restaurants. When ordering, stay away from deep fried, fatty foods and dishes with butter, oil and cream sauces. Don’t be afraid to ask for alterations to dishes to make them healthier. Omit the oil and butter. Substitute potatoes or bread for an extra helping of vegetables. Does your room have a kitchenette? Consider cooking for some of your meals.

If fast food is your only option, review the nutritional information for the menu and select the healthiest options you can. Grilled chicken sandwiches are usually a safe bet. While at the hotel, avoid the temptation of buying soft drinks and snacks from the vending machines. Plan ahead and bring your own healthy snacks like low fat energy bars, dried fruit or a bag of unsalted nuts. Munching on these during the day can stave off cravings and make avoiding the vending machines at night a much easier task. If you must indulge, go for low fat popcorn you can pop in the microwave.

Travel fitness need not be challenging or boring! In fact, it can be greatly beneficial to your trip. Sticking to a consistent diet and workout schedule as much as possible while traveling can actually give you more energy than if you weren’t working out and eating right. The extra energy and focus will come in handy when you need to think on your feet during business meetings, presentations or proposals. The benefits of taking these steps will not only be to your health — your spirit of determination will manifest in your business career as well. Follow these six fitness tips for travelers, and you’ll be more likely to succeed both in health and in your business career!

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