Using your Budget for Grocery Shopping

Here at PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we understand your need to budget. We also understand that often it’s more difficult to save money than it is to earn it. While there are a variety of different ways to save money on a day-to-day basis, — don’t splurge on yourself by going to the movies is one example — most of us don’t think about spending less on food. After all, everyone has to eat, right? While that is certainly true, the fact of the matter is that food is one of the most expensive budgeting considerations you must make. If you can cut your food bill in half, the amount of money you save will allow you to do other things that might not otherwise be in your budget. However, don’t think that means you must eat less, just differently.

A Budgeting Foodie

Saving money at the grocery store is easier than you might think. Many of us aren’t aware of how much we can save because we do our shopping in much the same way our parents did. We shop the way we were taught to shop. Rather than changing a lifetime of habits, PaydayLoansCashAdvance has developed a simple formula you can follow when shopping that is certain to save you money. All you have to do is remember three simple rules:


Processed food is always more expensive than unprocessed. If it didn’t cost more, there would be no value in making it. What that means is, you get more for less when you buy raw foods. Four boxes of instant mashed potatoes, for example, might cost you the same amount of money as a 10 pound bag of raw potatoes. The cost of instant scrambled eggs — around three servings — is roughly the cost equivalence of a dozen uncooked eggs. Simply, convenience costs money.

While it’s easy to argue, “I simply don’t have the time or beanery to cook every evening. I certainly don’t have either for cooking breakfast,” if you think about it, you can actually save time by cooking raw foods. For example, a baked potato requires five minutes in the microwave, two minutes is required to mash it up and add milk, butter and sugar, and the entire process saves you 8 minutes off the time 15 minute “instant” mashed potatoes require on the stove.


Sugar may not be good for you, but it certainly tastes good and that’s why we buy it. The problem isn’t the sugar, it’s what sugar costs. While there are exceptions to the rule, most of the time, any product that has sugar in the first five ingredients is exponentially more expensive than a product of the same weight without sugar.

For example, while little packaged chocolate cakes weigh about 1/20 of the weight of a package of spaghetti, it costs the same. Bottled water is cheaper than soda. Orange juice is cheaper than wine. Sugar is the single most expensive ingredient in your budget if you allow someone else to add it for you.

However, raw sugar is very cheap. That means you don’t have to cut sugar out of your diet. It simply means you need to add sugar to the raw ingredients you purchase. In other words, buying raw foods and avoiding processed foods with sugar in them go hand in hand.

Make Your Comfort Foods and Condiments

The two most difficult food products to find raw and sugar free are comfort foods and condiments. A great deal of your grocery budget goes to these two food types. As a result, if you can make you own Cs & Cs, you can make your budgeting considerably more efficient.

While it may seem like a daunting task, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Remember, you can buy all the ingredients you want, just don’t buy them in a single package. Love ice cream? There are zip lock homemade ice cream recipes on the internet. Homemade chocolate is even easier! How about cake? Prepackaged cake mix doesn’t really save you much time at all.
Condiments sound difficult to make? Mustard is as easy as pie to make and you can make it honey mustard. Mayonnaise takes less than 15 minutes to make. Salad dressing can be done in a matter of minutes. Salsa hardly even requires any thought.


If you can remember to buy raw foods, avoid foods with sugar in the first five ingredients and make your own comfort foods and condiments, you can reduce the budgeting requirements of your grocery shopping bill dramatically.

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