Vacationing Financial Security Tips

Vacations are meant to free you from the worries of your daily life, not to add to those worries. If someone steals your purse or your wallet while you are traveling, though, you will find yourself with a whole new set of problems to handle.

At PaydayLoansCashAdvance, we know how an unexpected loss of funds can set you back, so we’d like to provide you with a few tips to enhance your financial security while vacationing.

Tell Your Bank Where You’re Going

You don’t need every credit card that you have with you while you are on a vacation. Choose one or two credit cards with positive records of handling false charges on your accounts, so that in the event that your cards get stolen you have fewer banks to contact and less haggling to do over erroneous charges.

Once you pick your vacation credit cards, let the banks who issues those cards know about your travel plans. Tell them when you are leaving town, each of your destinations, and when you plan to return home.

If your bank has a good monitoring system, as most do, they are likely to notice strange charges on your account if you don’t inform them and may put a hold on your card. If this happens, you will have to break from your vacation to call the credit card company and let them know the charges are legit. It’s better to let the banks know in advance so you don’t have to worry that your cards will stop working while you’re traveling, and so that they can watch for suspicious activity once you return home.

Carry Copies of Credit Card Information

Make copies of a statement for each of the credit cards that you are taking on your vacation and carry these copies with your other important travel documents. Leave all your important documents in the hotel safe while you’re out sightseeing. That way, if your cards are stolen, you can go immediately back to the hotel, get the phone numbers for the card companies and call the credit card companies to cancel your cards.

Even if you get online statements from your credit card companies, don’t rely on the ability to get online if your cards are stolen. Knowing exactly where your card numbers and the phone numbers to the banks are at all times will give you peace of mind.

While you’re making copies of your card statements, don’t forget to make copies of your passport, prescriptions and any other documents that are vital to your transportation and health. For additional security, you may want to leave extra copies of important documents with a friend or family member back home as well.

Keeping Cash Safe

Everyone likes to keep a little vacation money in his or her pocket, but carrying too much cash is the best way to lose a lot of money quickly on vacation. For better financial security while vacationing, carry a limited amount of pocket money, just enough to buy drinks, snacks, and small items throughout the day. Keep cash in inside pockets and separate it, so that you never pull a lot of money from your pocket at one time.

Consider carrying separate wallets, one for credit cards, debit cards and your IDs, and the other for cash. Keep these wallets in separate pockets. Pickpockets will be looking mainly for cash, so if you do get targeted and lose a wallet, you’ll likely lose the one with a small amount of cash in it, which limits your losses and spares the items that are more difficult to replace.

Use Credit Cards When Possible

By not carrying large amounts of cash on you, you won’t be tempted to make large purchases with cash, which can draw the unwanted attention of thieves. Use credit cards to make as many purchases as you can. Using credit cards not only protects you by keeping cash out of the view of potential pickpockets, but also provides security in case theft does occur. Even if a thief gets the opportunity to use your card before you cancel it, your credit card company will refund the charges, which keeps you from suffering a major financial loss.

Hide Your Social Security Number

Financial security while vacationing isn’t just about keeping immediate funds safe. It’s about keeping your identity safe as well. This means keeping your social security number away from prying eyes. Check your health insurance cards, which are major culprits of putting your social security number on display, to see if they have your full social security number listed. If these cards do display your full social, make copies of the cards and strike through your social security number, so you’ll have the information you need for a medical facility to treat you, without making it easy for potential identity thieves to find out other information about you.

Be Aware

If you’re on vacation, you are probably hoping to relax, but some vigilance is necessary to keep you and your vacation money safe. Being aware of your surroundings at all times is essential to avoiding pickpockets, especially in large cities. Keep especially alert in crowded areas, such as overcrowded streets, on public transportation, or while walking through bazaars.

Also, try to keep your senses about you. Pickpockets are notorious for targeting people when their defenses are down. So, pay attention when you are taking photographs, drinking, or doing any other activity that lowers your awareness.

The possibility of something happening to your money while you are on vacation shouldn’t keep from having a good time, but having a good time shouldn’t keep you from minding your financial security while vacationing either. Take some precautions before leaving home, be mindful while in groups, know where your money is at all times, and leave everything that you don’t need at home or in the hotel safe. By being proactive and aware, you should be able to get through a vacation without any financial issues.

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